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Catiline Conspiracy 1
Civil War

  60 Caesar returns from Spain, first triumvirate between Casesar, Crassus and Pompey.

59 Caesar consul. Pompey marries Caesar's daughter Julia. Caesar given proconsulship of Cisalpine Gaul and Illyricum; senate adds Transalpine Gaul to this.

58-51 Caesar's campaigns in Gaul

58 Tribunate of Clodius - corn law. Cicero exiled. Cyprus annexed. Caesar defeats Helvetii and Ariovistos

57 Clodius and Milo riot in Rome. Return of Cicero. Caesar defeats Nervii and other Belgae

56 Conference of the triumvirs at Luca.

55 Second consulship of Crassus and Pompey. First stone theatre of Rome, built by Pompey on the Campus Martius. Caesar bridges the Rhine, invades Germany, then Britain.

54 Pompey, near Rome, governs Spain through legates. Death of Julia. Caesar's second expedition to Britain. revolt in north eastern Gaul. Crassus prepares for Parthian campaign.

53 Rioting in Rome. Battle of Carrhae: Roman army defeated by the Parthians, Crassus killed, the Roman army standards taken as booty

52 Milo kills Clodius. Trial of Milo. Pompey sole consul. Revolt of Vercingetorix in Gaul. Siege of Alesia, Caesar victorious.

51 Parthian invasion of Syria

49-45 Civil War - Julius Caesar fighting the Pompeians

49 On January 10 Caesar crosses the Rubicon and marches on Rome in defiance of the Senate. Pompey leaves for Greece. Caesar dictator fir first time, for eleven days, passes emergency legislation. Caesar in Spain, defeats Pompeians.


48-47 Caesar becomes involved in Egyptian dynastic struggles

48 Caesar consul for second time.Caesar crosses to Greece, defeats Pompey at Pharsalus. Pompey flees to Egypt where he is stabbed to death on landing. Caesar in Egypt. Alexandrine War. Caesar makes Cleopatra queen of Egypt.

47 Caesar dictator for second time in his absence. Caesar defeats King Pharnaces II of Pontus. Caesar returns to Rome, then leaves for Africa.

46 Caesar crushes surviving Pompeian forces under Scipio and Cato at Thapsus. Caesar dictator second time, consul third time. Cato commits suicide. Caesar returns to Rome, reforms calendar. Caesar leaves for Spain.

45 Caesar dictator third time, consul fourth time. In battle at Munda in Spain the last Roman Republican resistance is crushed

44 Caesar dictator fourth time (for life), consul fifth time. March 15, Caesar murdered by Brutus, Cassius, and their co-conspirators acting for the Republicans. Octavian returns from Greece.