In this assignment you will be marked on

  *your ability to research accurate information on the set topic.

  * your ability to analyse and synthesise issues and events.

   *your ability to convey your understanding in an informative and empathic manner

using a variety of hypermedia skills and oral presentation.


  Not Evident Emerging Developing Competent
The extent to which the response shows sound interpretation and analysis of resources.
No analysis of issues and events. Provides few accurate or relevant facts, examples or details. Superficial analysis of the issues and events. Includes several facts, examples and details, but may also include some inaccurate information. Complete analysis of the issue and events. Sufficiently uses accurate and relevant facts, examples and details. Insight and complete analysis of the issues and events. 
The extent to which ideas are supported with specific relevant evidence.
Includes little or no accurate information. Includes some accurate or relevant information. Presents  similarities and differences but the information may not support all ideas. Some use of sources to communicate and support ideas. Presents more than just similarities and differences. Supports ideas with information and informed use of graphics.
The extent to which perspective was created.
Does not make any connection to source material. Superficial analysis of the issues and events. Analysis is incomplete. Makes some interesting connections from different perspectives. Full development of perspectives.  Makes connections with source material to develop insight.
Quality of argument. Match of audience. Organization and sequence.
Does not develop an argument. An argument is outlined but lacks development. Not supported by the choice of words or graphics Has provided an argument but not critically evaluated supporting source material. A powerful use words and graphics to support a well developed argument. 
Powerpoint presentation:
Technical Quality.
Grammar and spelling
Simple linear presentation. Errors in spelling and grammar. No evidence of design elements. Some use of hypertext features. Lacks coherent flow making comprehension difficult. Some spelling/grammatical errors. A non linear text with some use of a sound, text and graphics. A complex hypermedia presentation. effective use of a range of media in a well layed out presentation.
Oral presentation:
Voice Projection. Body language. Organization.
Disorganised and un-rehearsed presentation. Lacks sequence and  organisation. A structured presentation, but does not communicate with audience. Clear, coherent presentation