Ancient Greek Web quest

Designed by Elizabeth Graham

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The year is 3000AD and depletion of sources of fuel as eliminated all current sources of information about the past. Teams of information retrieval officers ( historians ) have been assigned to travel back to the past through the matter transfer portal, and obtain any information about Ancient Greece that is significant for the future generations. You must return to the present with not only information but supported by any evidence( pictures , maps, sketches, statistics ).


The portal machine has been set for the 5th century and in teams of four, officers must experience every aspect of Ancient Greek life in a limited time. You will have four days in Ancient Greece ( computer lab and library ) in which to retrieve as much information as you can . Officers must be warned to avoid conflict with the Persians as this could prove fatal.


Due to the absence of any source to generate our technology officers must convey their information in a number of ways 1.  including an oral presentation,( 6 minutes) and a  hardcopy using ancient technology called paper( in the form of a poster). Remember officers must retrieve artefacts from Ancient Greece to support their findings

                                    2.  Students will divide into groups of 4 and obtain information about one        following topics.  Remember that it is important to display team skills, cooperation, consensus and shared responsibility. Your survival in Ancient Greece may depend on your ability to work as a team.                          3.  The following aspects must be observed and recorded and finally your team must be able to assess the legacy of Ancient Greece to the future.

                   System of government

How did democracy work?

What were the responsibilities of a citizen?

       Social Structure

Which groups composed the different levels of society?

What roles did slaves play in Athens and Sparta?

                  Religious and secular beliefs

Who were the main gods worshipped by the people, the town and the state?

Why were festivals so important to the Greeks?

Why were heroes important?


How were boys and girls educated?

How was education different in Sparta?

                           Powerful figures

Why were the following figures important in Greek history? Cleisthenes; Pericles; Themistocles; Leonidas ; Sophocles


Against whom did the Greeks wage war in the Fifth century and why?What effect did the victory over the Persians have on Greece?

                    Leisure activities

What activities did men and women engage

in as leisure?

Why were competitions important to the Greeks?

 Public and private Architecture

How did housing vary between rich and poor?

How were the large monuments built and who paid for them?




                M4.8  uses historical terms in appropriate contexts

                M4.11 locates, selects and organizes simple historical information from a variety of sources ,                   using technological and other processes to address simple historical problems and issues

                M4.14 Creates texts using evidence to retell , describe, explain and argue , with guidance




                         Excellent Achievement


Evaluates information and evidence to explain complex issues, using a range of processes including technology, independently 

Explains and integrates relevant historical terms and concepts into a sustained argument. 

Discusses complex ideas using written and graphic presentation

                         High Achievement


Uses relevant information and evidence to explain complex problems and issues, using a range of processes, including technology, independently

Uses relevant historical terms and concepts to answer questions, with limited argument

Discusses ideas in written and graphic text

                         Substantial Achievement


Locates selects and organizes information from a variety of sources, using a range of processes including technology to address simple historical issues, with limited guidance

Uses some historical terms and concepts in an appropriate context.

Explains ideas in appropriate written and graphic form

                         Satisfactory Achievement


Locates and selects relevant information from sources, including technology, with some guidance.

Uses historical terms in appropriate contexts

Recounts simple ideas in basic written and graphic form