A Year 10 Web quest

Designed by Elizabeth Graham


    Introduction           Task            Process           Resources        Assessment  
       You have been asked , in your capacity as archival historians to the Lodge, to host a dinner celebrating " Peace in our Time". Access to a time machine allows you to go back in time and  invite men and women through the ages, who impacted on their world. Invitations may be issued to people whose impact contributed to " Peace in our Time". At the dinner each member will be asked to justify why they have brought their particular guest.
  In pairs you will research a personality of your choice, having been approved by your beloved leader. In your research you must focus on how your figure came to be in a position of power, the circumstances of the time and his or her impact, both immediate and lasting. The presentation of the information can be presented as an interview or duologue. Personalities are  reminded to convey the personna of their character through speech, mannerisms and dress.



Students in their research will focus on the following questions;

  1. Identify factors about the background, social position, education, status, alliances that contributed to their rise to power
  2. Outline the steps to power and its relationship within the period.
  3. Assess the impact of your character both in the short term and long term.
  4. In your research you must make note of any bias present in the sources, and note any conflict between the sources , concerning the perspectives of your personality
  5. With many of our personalities, wars were waged to achieve a lasting peace. What qualifies our personality to be called " peacemaker'

Six research periods will be allocated, but it is expected that students will need to allocate private study to this project

Students will collate their work and present  at the dinner , as either an oral interview or a duologue, lasting approximately 6 minutes. The best speeches will be awarded prizes and performed to the Year 9 World History classes

At the conclusion of the speeches general discussion will take place about the nature of peace and whether history proves it to be sustainable?