0                                                          " Frontier Wars " Web quest

                                                                                                   Designed by Elizabeth Graham



  "      They stole our ground where ..

         we use to get food, and when we

         got hungry. and killed a bullock to

         eat, they shot us or poisoned us"




  "They bestowed no labour on the land,

 and that is which gives a right to

 property in it "

                          SMH  1938

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                 In Britain, in the 1830's the anti slavery movement has reached its peak and public opinion has stirred to support the plight of Indigenous natives in the colonies. Meanwhile news of such conflict as the Myall Creek massacre reaches the Home Office. The new Liberal Government has decided to send a representation to the the colony of NSW  to investigate the rumor of  frontier wars.





                  You have been given the task as a group, to travel to Sydney and throughout NSW to gather information on race    relations. Your group will consist of a missionary, and a politician, which will be joined by a local policemen , a squatter and a tribal interpreter  . It is your task to gather the different perspectives on frontier relations and in particular their responses to Myall Creek, , Waterloo Creek massacres, and finally to assess whether the incidents of racial  conflict can justify the term " frontier war "          




                                                                                               History through Art




                          Preliminary Work 

                         Step1. Students will view Episode 2 of Frontier series and construct a mind map exploring the different

 p                             perspectives held by Indigenous natives, Missionaries ,Politicians, including English and Australian

                                      local settlers and journalists.

                    Step 2 All students will  choose two different examples of 19th century Australian Art, shown above, and

                                answer the following questions;  a. What image is being presented of the subject.?

                                                                                 b. What do you think is the composers intention ?

                                                                                 c.  Is this source a biased one? Explain your reasons.

                                                                                  d. What value does the source have ?

                      Group Work


                     Students are to divide into groups of  five students, adopt the identity of missionary, politician, squatter,

                     trooper and native, and research the varying perspectives in relation to ;

                                                                                a. an overview of conflict in NSW

                                                                                b.Specifically the events surrounding Waterloo and Myall Creek


                                                                                c Students are to study the transcripts of the 2trials , noting the

                                                                                    defence and prosecuting arguments and the reporting of it by

                                                                                     local newspapers.

               Step 4

               Students are to synthesise their findings into a report format and present this as an oral to the Home Office

               ( teachers ). Each member of the group is to contribute in both research and presentation, and marks will be

               allocated for the sense of personna conveyed in the oral. Marks will also be allocated to the groups final

                assessment of whether the various incidents discussed , justify the term " frontier war "




                  M4.7 Explains the way in which indigenous and non indigenous peoples have responded to contact with

                                each other

                         M4.10  Recognises different perspectives about , individuals, groups, events and issues, with some guidance

                    M4.11 Locates, selects and organizes simple historical information from a variety of sources, utlising

                               technological and other processes to address simple historical problems and issues

                     M4.13 Uses appropriate  written , oral and graphic forms to communicate clearly for specific purposes

                                to familiar audiences in structured situations                                      









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             www.nsw.nationaltrust.org.au/ida/link_d3_1824war.html www.curriculum.edu.au/democracy/ddunits/downloads/pdf/up2_hand18.pdf







                                                                                       Assessment Rubric



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